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The Social Emotional Learning Self-Reflection App

MySEL stands for “My Social and Emotional Learning”. The app is designed to help teachers understand how they can best support children’s social and emotional learning. The app was created from an interest to find an alternative way for teachers to complete the paper version of the “inventory of practice”. This format will promote the dissemination of the tool to a population of teachers who find digital platforms more user-friendly. The app guides teachers through the inventory of practice, allowing them to choose the frequency of their use of the various practices. At the end of the inventory, teachers can choose to have a Professional Development Certificate sent to them for their participation.

This evaluation produces a comprehensive overview of how consistently best practices are being implemented by teachers in their classrooms. It provides valuable data that teachers can use to inform their practices. This data can serve several purposes:
  • Allows the teacher to determine which areas to focus on to create goals for quality improvement.
  • Informs the type and intensity of training that might be appropriate to improve both understanding of best practice and implementation strategies.
  • Creates an opportunity for self-directed reflection of practices.
  • Indicates support materials and resources that could be necessary or useful for improving practices (PM kit, emotional literacy materials, multiples of materials to promote child engagement)
As with most tools in the field of early childhood education, collaboration or being guided by a coach is the most effective way to create growth opportunities. Whether that coach is provided by the program’s administration, from an outside organization, or simply by partnering with another teacher within or outside your program, collaboration with another early childhood professional is an ideal environment in which to use the evaluation to create thoughtful and effective goals for improvement.

Download the MySEL app for Apple devices from the App Store.

The Pyramid Model has supported social and emotional development in early childhood classrooms for over 20 years. Through evidence-based research, innovative techniques, and global reach, the Pyramid Model empowers children from birth to 5 years to succeed in school and life. The inventory of practice is one Pyramid Model tool that evaluates practices within the social and emotional curriculum and daily care of children.

To learn more about the Pyramid Model visit https://www.pyramidmodel.org/

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